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Which Studio
Duration (Audio Only)
Video Recording (Up To 4 Angles) (+$95/HR)


Podcasting studio sessions cancelled 48 hours before start will be fully refunded anything after that time will be forfeited. 

Our podcast spaces consist of 2 rooms. Studio A has 3 different sets and Studio B consist of 1.


Studio A is our premiere podcast studio. With our comfy home-style decor and state of the art audio tech. Your content will look and sound amazing. This studio contain two sets, you can choose choice between the warm wood set or our modern  white wall set, both sets can accommodate four microphones and four camera angles


Studio B provides an intimate one-on-one set up. Best suited for one-on-one style interview and those who may just be getting started on their podcast journey. This room can accommodate two microphones and three camera angles.

Our video recordings of your podcast are shot on high quality GH4 cameras. Each person can have their own angle and videos are edited and chopped on the fly to give you your video instantly after the podcast is over. 


All sessions come with an engineer to help set up, sound check, and record your video. They will also handle request on the fly from sound board for drops, music and actively switch angles for your video if it has been added to your purchase.


Your video will be given to you instantly before you leave. Please bring SSD drive, usb or some sort of storage device to receive your files.


Multi track stem bounce will give you separated tracks of your podcast. Giving you full control over your audio files. 

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