Terms And Conditions

Podcast Studio Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Full Court Studios Podcast Studio! We're thrilled to host your podcast recordings. Kindly review the following terms for a smooth experience:

  1. Late Policy: We value punctuality. You have a 15-minute grace period; beyond that, a full hour will be charged. Should you foresee a delay, contact us at fullcourtstudios@gmail.com.

  2. Smoking: Our studio is a smoke-free zone, including e-cigarettes.

  3. Storage: Remember to bring your SSD drive for recording; otherwise, a storage fee applies.

  4. Grace Period: To ensure a seamless schedule, aim to arrive 15 minutes early. An extra 10 minutes is allowed for session extension, after which you'll be billed for an additional hour.

  5. Uploading: Allocate 15-20 minutes to transfer files to your SSD drive.

  6. Contact: Reach out to us at fullcourtstudios@gmail.com in case of delays or if you need assistance.

By confirming your booking, you agree to these terms. We're excited to collaborate with you at Full Court Studios Podcast Studio!